Postville Uplifted at Shabbos Hachana with Rabbi Paltiel

The community in Postville, Iowa prepared for Gimmel Tammuz by bringing in Rabbi Yossi Paltiel who taught and farbrenged all Shabbos with the groups of men, women, and children.

By reporter

The community of Postville, Iowa enjoyed a Shabbos that was deeply inspiring and full of insightful classes and farbrengens with Rabbi Yossi Paltiel. Rabbi Paltiel was bought in to spend the Shabbos preparing for Gimmel Tammuz with them, and left a very powerful impression on everyone that joined.

The weekend started out with a special chinuch session for parents and teachers on Friday afternoon, where Rabbi Paltiel shared very practical lessons and guidance for the home and the classroom.

“The wisdom he imparted was down to earth and completely practical and relatable,” shared a local teacher. “The discussions that followed the session were so hands-on and insightful, and he shared endless first-hand stories that really made a strong impression and left me armored with a lot of new perspective and tools.”

On Friday night in shul after mincha, Rabbi Paltiel taught the mamer V’ata Tetzave, which he continued teaching Shabbos morning before davening. After davening everyone joined for a communal meal and farbrengen where Rabbi Paltiel explained the deepest concepts of Chassidus clearly so everyone could understand and appreciate.

Shabbos afternoon he led a Pirkei Avos class for the women, followed by another Pirkei Avos class for the men. Motzei Shabbos concluded the extraordinary Shabbos with a beautiful Melava Malka at the home of Heshy Rubashkin. It was a Shabbos to remember.

The program was arranged by Rabbi Aron Schimmel of Chabad of NE Iowa.

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  1. ישר כח להרב שימל שעושה ימים ולילות למען הרב’ה בחיות ושמחה ודואג שאף יהודי לא ישאר בגלות כפשוטו

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