Postville Mikvah to be Renovated in Memory of Mrs. Shternie Vogel

Following the tragic passing of Mrs. Shternie Vogel, a campaign has been launched to renovate the tevillah room in the Postville mikvah, where she served as a mikvah lady for decades.

Postville, Iowa is a small town with a vibrant Jewish community. There are two shuls, a school, a men’s mikvah, and even a pizza shop! Postville is also home to the only mikvah tahara for a two-hour drive.

The Postville mikvah is over twenty years old. Boruch Hashem, it is used on a constant basis. The mikvah has not been redone in many years, and is now showing signs of its age. The Bor Hatevilah is missing many of the tiles and the tevilah room is starting to grow mold on the walls. In order to ensure that this special mitzvah is kept in the most beautiful way possible, the mikvah needs to be redone.

On Shvi’i Shel Pesach, longtime mikvah lady and caretaker of the mikvah, Mrs. Shternie Vogel, passed away after battling a terrible illness. Shternie took care of the mikvah heart and soul, giving her all to make sure that it was functioning at its utmost. For many years, Shternie had a dream of redoing the Bor to further improve the standard and quality of the Postville mikvah experience.

Now, as we approach Shternie’s shloshim, let’s join together to make her dream a reality. We are raising money to redo the entire tevilah room in her zchus. Please donate generously as we repair the mikvah and enhance taharas hamishpacha in the Midwest.

Click here to donate now.

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