Post Seminary Retreat Ends on Inspirational High

The first-ever Summer Learning Retreat for post-seminary girls took place last week featuring a five-star experience of gourmet meals, bonfires, hiking, intellectually stimulating classes, and uplifting farbrengens.

On Monday, Yud Alef Tammuz, a group of post-seminary girls traveled to the Vallevue of Morristown for a four-day retreat. They were treated to a five-star experience of gourmet meals, activities such as paint night, a challah bake, bonfires, hiking, and more. The beautiful accommodations were complemented with breathtaking views and a pool onsite.

There were classes daily, featuring: Rabbi Naftali Silberberg, Rabbi Avraham Levin, Rabbi Ephraim Piekarski, Rabbi Gershon Avtzon, Rabbi Mendel Yusewitz, Mrs. Sarah Braffman, Mrs. Faigy Yusewitz, Mrs. Baila Piekarski, Mrs. Miriam Wollosh and Mrs. Fruma Rosenberg.

The theme of the retreat, ‘Open Your Eyes’, was the golden thread woven throughout the classes, uplifting farbrengens, and raw conversations taking place throughout the program. In a world where a myriad of conflicting perspectives often distort our vision, realigning our lives according to Chabad Chassidus, the Rebbes view, and a Geulah mindset, provided a refreshing sense of clarity and direction.

As one participant later described “It was an opportunity for me to disconnect in order to reconnect.”

The classes were diverse, engaging, and very refreshing,” said one girl. “Very well-rounded topics and interesting speakers,” was another reflection.

As girls find themselves years away from seminary and busy with work and day-to-day life, it’s hard to find the time to relax and to learn. Having this unique opportunity filled a void that many girls were experiencing.

When asked what her favorite part of the retreat was, one girl responded, “it provided a space to really be in the moment and focus on the learning, connection, and relaxation.” Away from the bustle and distractions of daily life, each girl was able to tap into her inner self and gain strength to go back into her life with renewed inspiration.

When asked what she would have changed in the program, the response heard again and again was, “I had to rack my brain to come up with something because the entire program was just incredible!”

To keep up the momentum and inspiration, the retreat organizers, Bracha N and Bryna H, are hard at work arranging Zoom classes to take place on Sunday evenings throughout the remainder of the summer. Details to follow on!

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