Popular Rambam Set Gets Newest Volume

In time for the start of Sefer Kinyan in the schedule of 3 perokim daily, Rabbi Yaakov Bluming released the 14th volume of his popular “Rambam Ha’aruch.”

Rambam He’aruch is the magnum opus of Harav Yaakov Bluming, a prominent Talmid chochom who toiled day and night for the last 20 years in his goal to create a concise and reliable commentary on the Rambam for scholar and layman alike. The Rambam has since been appreciated and sought out by anyone looking for a commentary that addresses all the questions that one might encounter while learning Rambam. 

Rambam Ha’aruch garners high praise from Rabbonim and Geonim worldwide as indicated by the many haskomos printed and was lauded by the many who use it and marvel over it.

“Whenever I have something that needs clarification, I know this Rambam will address it concisely and to the point. I am always amazed at how any question I have while learning Rambam is addressed by Rambam Ha’aruch!” one person shared.

Another sentiment often shared is the geshmak that Rambam Ha’aruch affords them in learning the previously somewhat daunting Rambam.

As one Magid Shiur who eagerly anticipates the newest volumes as they come off the press, puts it: “Aside for the clarity, I find the cleverly chosen commentary collects the best pirushim on every Halacha in Rambam. Owning this set is truly a treasure on Kol HaTorah Kula, in short and at your fingertips. There is no extra word here, while maintaining the high standard and reliability, masterfully woven together in this great work.”

With the current printing of Sefer Kinyan, the earlier 14 volumes have already been released. Excitement mounts as Rabbi Bluming sets his sight on completing the entire series IYH.

The 450 page, 7” X 10” Sefer features the Rambam with nikud, with a thorough and crystal clear reliable explanation, for your Rambam learning.

Sefer is available at local Judaica stores and online at SeforimDeals.com

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