Popular Bedtime Rebbe Video Debuts New Features

“Good Night My Child” is a nightly video of the Rebbe geared to children. Ahead of Yud Alef Nissan, JEM is upgrading the experience with all new features.

JEM has announced enhancements to the wildly popular “Good Night My Child” experience — both for bedtime and all-day viewing.

Launched last year, the popular program from JEM is a nightly short video of the Rebbe curated especially for children, and is published each evening on the JEM.tv homepage during bedtime hours. Hosted by Morah Bracha, each moment is presented for young viewers with exciting narration and a fun aesthetic. Click here to join a WhatsApp Community for nightly reminders.

Every night, two lucky families wish all their fellow viewers a good night. Thousands of grateful parents have utilized this moment with the Rebbe to uplift their children’s bedtime routine. Families are selected by raffle from thousands of entrants who checked off Good Night My Child’s “I watched tonight’s video” box.

Ahead of Yud Alef Nissan, JEM.tv is upgrading the experience with a dedicated Good Night My Child player page, and an all-new archive of previous episodes. Members of JEM.tv can easily access content lovingly tailored for their kids, not only at bedtime, but throughout the day.

Provide your children with an endless array of curated video clips made with them in mind, all accessible on a one-click-plays-all platform.

Rabbi Mendy and Shana Glick 
Rabbi Dovid and Goldie Tiechtel
לזכות יצחק בן חנה אסתר לרפו”ש

Made possible by the members of the JEM foundation 

Launched in loving Memory of
לע״נ השלוחה מרת העניא ע״ה בת יבלח״ט הרב ישראל שיחי׳
ובתה שטערנא שרה ע״ה בת יבלח״ט הרב אשר יעקב שיחי׳ פדרמן

Access the ALL NEW Good Night My Child archive at https://videos.jem.tv/good-night/archive

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