Pomona Anash Celebrate Siyum at Late Night Farbrengen

Anash shuls of Pomona, NY, marked the Siyum Harambam of 40 years with an uplifting farbrengen by guest speaker Rabbi Yossi Paltiel who highlighted the importance of daily Rambam and Chassidus.

To celebrate the 40th year anniversary of the Rebbe’s takana to learn Rambam daily, a special farbrengen was held by two Anash shuls in Pomona, Ohr Yaakov Shlomo and Bais Levy Yitzchok.

The farbrengen, held at Ohr Yaakov Shlomo, was led by guest speaker Rabbi Yossi Paltiel of Crown Heights, who uplifted the crowd with stories and lessons about the significance of daily Torah learning, particularly Rambam and Chassidus. The uplifting farbrengen extended well into the night.

Adding to the atmosphere was music by bochur Meir Teichtel who enriched the farbrengen with heartfelt nigunim.

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