Podcast Teaches Children the ‘Write’ Way to Connect

In preparation for Gimmel Tammuz, Derher for Kids released a special, double episode that teaches children the importance and power of writing to the Rebbe and connecting to the Rebbe.

“My kids ask every day if there is a new Derher For Kids episode!” Sound familiar?

Read on to see how this Gimmel Tammuz can be different for your kids and kids around the world. All that’s left for you to do is to press ‘Play’.

A few months ago, A Chassidisher Derher launched Derher for Kids; a free form of high-quality, chassidishe, educational entertainment for your children with over 25 episodes already.

The stories are brought to life with character voices, sound effects and drama. Each episode draws your child into an experience that leaves them exhilarated and inspired.

In the words of one delighted parent, Henna: “My kids absolutely love the Derher for Kids podcast. They listen to it every single night when they go to sleep and they are so excited when a new episode comes out.”

Derher for Kids has now released a special, double episode to prepare your child for Gimmel Tammuz. The episode boasts 90 minutes of purely entertaining toichen which teaches children the importance and power of writing to the Rebbe and connecting to the Rebbe, all in a manner that children can relate to and appreciate.

They’ll listen to fascinating stories, and walk away with an understanding of how and why to write to the Rebbe.

This new masterpiece was prepared by a Derher team which included a creative writer, researcher, mechanech and mashpia to ensure that it will be both accurate and enjoyable. Rabbi Sholom Perl brought it to life in his studio with his master storytelling skills and the results are beautiful.

This is a gem that is easy and free to give your kids.

You can play it to your children on the platform of your choice:

Apple Podcasts
Google podcasts

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