Podcast Brings Story Of Hey Teves to Life for Children

How much do your children know about the story of Hey Teves? A new episode by Derher for Kids brings the detailed story to life based on the Rebbe’s approach with a spiritual perspective to the whole saga.

They say that hearing cannot be compared to seeing. That was true. Until the first Derher for Kids episode came out.

Derher for kids is shattering the barriers of chinuch in the modern age. It teaches chassidishkeit and hiskashrus with effectiveness that cuts through the distractions and obstructions that our children face.

A potent tool in today’s day and age, these gripping and mesmerizing stories- filled with dramatic sound effects and music- keep kids glued in suspense and awe. They get to experience life with the Rebbe in 770, enjoy stories of Chassidim, and see how the Rebbe continues to find a way to connect to every Yid!

Hei Teves is such a big affair in the lives of Chassidim. But until now we’ve never had the tools to effectively TELL the story in a way that captivates children’s little minds.

The new Hei Teves episode brings the detailed story to life for the first time ever, based on the Rebbe’s approach with a spiritual perspective to the whole saga. It gives kids a clear understanding of what it is, why it’s such a simcha, and what it means to us as Chassidim.

It’s no surprise that thousands of kids from America, Canada, England, South Africa, Israel, Australia and elsewhere wait anxiously for each new Derher for Kids release.

Parents have celebrated the new Derher for Kids and continue to rave about it. The fact that it’s 100% free is a welcome plus.

One parent told us “Derher for Kids is HUGE in my house. I have shared it with many people. Thank you for broadening the Derher to the most important audience of all; Tinokos Shel bais Raban!” “The whole production is very well done. It’s clear that a tremendous amount of thought, care and sensitivity goes into each episode,” said another.

On the kid’s end, it’s pure fun! Time flies by as they listen intently to the thrilling and toichendik stories. And for days afterward, they walk around imagining and replaying the awesome stories they experienced.

Today, let your kids experience it too.

Listen at Kids.Derher.Org, or on your favorite platform: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or Google Podcasts.

No internet? No problem. You can download it through the Derher website here.

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