Poconos Yeshiva Holds “Mashpia Panel”

Tomchei Temimim Lubavitch of the Poconos prepared for Yud Shevat with a unique “Mashpia Panel” and the compilation of a unique “Kovetz” of Torah essays.

The weeks and days leading up to Yud Shevat are always marked in yeshivos with special learning initiatives and with an elevated atmosphere.

This year in the Tomchei Temimim Lubavitch of the Poconos the preparations included a unique “Mashpia Panel” and the compilation of a unique “Kovetz” of Torah essays.

The panel was a long-awaited event that gave students the opportunity to ask important personal questions anonymously. Questions included – “How to visit home without experiencing a spiritual decline?”, “What does Hiskashrus mean?”, or “How should ‘uncomfortable’ questions be addressed to a Mashpia?”.

The panel was moderated by Rabbi Mendel Silman, the yeshiva’s menahel, with mashpi’im, Rabbis Shmerel Matusof, Shmuel Newman, Mendel Gurevitch and Mendel Wolowik to answer the questions.

The Kovetz, written by students of all ages and edited by a select group of senior students, took many hours of researching, drafting, writing, editing and proofreading, all in a relatively short amount of time. The editing team was led by Hatomim Hashliach Tzemach Baron, and Temimim Zalman Serebriansky and Shmuel Lipskier, both from Australia, and were assisted by the magidei shiurim Rabbis Menachem Aiznman, Mendel Gorman and mashpiim mentioned above.

“The sincere passion the bochrim have for the Rebbe and his inyonim, is especially felt in times like these when they are preparing for Yud Shevat and publishing a Kovetz,” remarked a member of hanhala.

Click here to download the Kovetz.

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