New Poconos Mikvah Will Service Locals and Tourists

With 10,000 Jewish residents and 100,000 Jewish tourists annually, a Mikvah in the Pocono Mountains is long overdue. Rabbi Shmuel and Chana Newman have set out to make it a reality.

The Mikvah of The Pocono Mountains

Thousands of Jews without a local Mikvah?!

As Rabbi Shmuel and Mrs. Chana Newman witnessed the Pocono Mountains fill up each year with close to 100,000 Jewish visitors and tourists, the need for a local Mikvah quickly became apparent.

With natural wonders and summer resorts such as Kallahari, Camelback, and Sky Top Lodge, as well as winter retreats that fill with skiers and snowboarders, the Pocono Mountains have become a top vacation destination for thousands of Tri-State Jews. The Poconos also house countless Jewish summer camps, Yeshiva programs, and close to 10,000 Jewish residents call it home!

Where there are Yidden, Halacha and Jewish life must flourish!

As per the Rebbe’s driving force for Mivtza Taharas HaMoshpocha, the Newmans embarked on establishing the very first community Mikvah of the Pocono Mountains.

Time and again the Rebbe’s Brochos and Koichos were apparent as permits, funding, and location purchase magnificently came together.

Now well into construction, the new Mikvah boasts the highest standards of halachic detail. It will serve as a beautiful, convenient, and comfortable place for residents and tourists alike to experience the foundational Mitzvah of Mikvah.

With a grant and guidance from Mikvah USA, the construction and halachic ramifications are under the auspices of world renowned Mikvah expert, HaRav Yirmiyahu Katz Shlit”a.

“A Mikvah in the Poconos is long overdue!” declares Rabbi Mendel Raices, while local community members and longtime tourists warmly embrace this monumental addition to Jewish life in the Poconos

The Mikvah Of The Poconos is conveniently located in Cresco, PA, in the heart of the Poconos, ensuring safe travel and easy accessibility. Great detail has been invested into the Mikvah’s esthetics, which highlight the beauty and joy of this heilige mitzvah.

With your help this Mikvah can soon be completed and accessed by thousands of Jews!

$250,000 is currently needed to bring this project to the finish line.

Please join in ensuring the kedusha and sanctity of Klal Yisroel!

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In the zechus of our joint efforts to bolster Kedushas Am Yisroel, may we all be zoche to experience ultimate Taharah with the Geulah Hashleimah!

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