PM of India Calls Moshe Holtzberg “An Inspiration to All”

Prime Minister of India Neranda Modi congratulated Moshie Holtzberg, the child who survived the terror attack on Chabad of Mumbai, on the occasion of his Bar Mitzva.

“I am very happy to learn about your bar mitzvah,” the Indian Prime Minister began, “Your story continues to inspire everyone … I hope that your wish to return some day to Chabad House in Mumbai as its director comes true.”

In 2017, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi met Moshe Holtzberg while on a state visit to Israel, and the youngster expressed his desire to visit India. Modi responded by saying his country “is open to” Holtzberg, while Netanyahu invited him to accompany him on his next trip to India.

Two months ago, surrounded by family and friends, Moshie celebrated his hanachas tefillin at the Ohel. Emotions ran strong as the nearly-13-year-old laid tefillin for the very first time.

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