“Please Tell the Shul I Won’t Make It to Chazer a Maamer Today”

It was Shabbos morning when Rabbi Mendel Landa was rushed to the hospital with a brain tumor. Amidst his excruciating pain, he turned to the Hatzalah member at his side and asked for a favor.

It was Shabbos morning when Rabbi Menachem Mendel Landa ob”m was rushed to the hospital with a brain tumor. In the stress of the moment and amidst his excruciating pain, Rabbi Landa turned to the Hatzalah member at his side and asked for a favor.

He had planned to deliver a ma’amar at shul later that day. He wanted to inform the shul in advance that he wouldn’t be able to make it. Only once it was confirmed that the message would be passed on, did Rabbi Landa agree to be taken to the hospital.

A chassidishe yid through and through, Rabbi Mendel Landa did everything he could to promote Torah and Yiddishkeit throughout his short lifetime. The tragic news came as a shock to every person who was impacted by him, whether they were his students, community members, or individuals who simply encountered him and were affected by the deep care and warmth he imparted.

Rabbi Landa’s influence must live on! In just 32 short years, Rabbi Landa encouraged thousands of Yidden to fulfill mitzvos, in addition to devoting his time and efforts to educating bochurim of all ages.

Despite his significant leadership and commitment to his students and shlichus, Rabbi Landa’s wife and children always remained his top priority. Help support his beloved family by contributing to their future!

Rabbi Landa ignited a powerful light for the community of Toronto, Monsey, and each place he traveled. Please help us keep the flame alive for the loved ones he left behind.

All funds will be allocated to his family.

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