Pittsburgh Mesivta Starts School On Beautiful New Grounds

Amongst the rolling green hills of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, the Mesivta of Pittsburgh began the school year of 5784 on a new property.

Rabbi Elizer Shusterman, Menahel of the Mesivta, welcomed the bochurim and their parents. He explained that the school is fortunate to have this current large facility temporarily, while the construction on the new Yeshiva building is being completed.

In addition to welcoming the Hanhala and the Maggidei Shiur, Rabbi Unsdorfer, Rabbi Altein, Rabbi Klein, and Rabbi Goldwasser,  he also introduced the newest member of Hanhala, Rabbi Ephraim Lerner. Rabbi Lerner is an extremely dedicated and knowledgeable maggid shiur and mashpia who has experience mentoring and teaching teenagers, and does it with so much energy and enthusiasm.

“We are looking forward to a year of growth in our learning, Chassidishkeit, and Hiskashrus,”Rabbi Shusterman said.

Rabbi Yossi Rosenblum, Head of Yeshiva Schools addressed the crowd as well. He mentioned that in addition to the importance of the academic component of learning, we also benefit from the avir, the environment, of the Mesivta setting overall. 

“Throughout this school year, we have an opportunity to eat together, to farbreng together, to grow as a mentchen, and to succeed together in all areas,” he said.

The Mesivta has over forty bochurim this year, many of them are from out-of-town cities. They are already enjoying the learning, outdoor spaces, game areas, dorm rooms,  mealtimes, and farbrengens. It looks like it will be another successful year, with Hashem’s help.

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