Pittsburgh Kids Rally for Chof Cheshvan

Dozens of Pittsburgh families gathered outdoors in unseasonably warm weather to celebrate the Rebbe Rashab’s birthday, with pesukim, stories, tzedaka and nosh.

Dozens of Pittsburgh families gathered on Sunday for an outdoor Tzivos Hashem rally in honor of Chof Cheshvan.

The event was held on a large grass field adjacent to the city’s iconic ‘Blue Slide Park,’ and organized by Rabbi Chaim Itkin, Pittsburgh’s newest shliach. Rabbi Itkin was recently brought in by Rabbi Yisroel Rosenfeld to spearhead new projects, such as a kollel for baalebatim and farbrengens for Yomei Depagra.

Reb Mendel “Der Baal Menagen” Markel led the children in niggunim and told over history, stories and pisgamim from the Rebbe Rashab. The 12 pesukim were recited, followed by children giving tzedaka to bring the Geulah closer.

Families enjoyed nosh that was distributed in single serve containers as well as a grand raffle at the rally’s end.

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