‘Pirsum Rishon’ Sheds Light on Rebbe’s Tisha B’av Instructions

In a newly revealed ma’anah from the Rebbe to mazkir Rabbi Leibel Groner, the Rebbe explains two instructions he gave regarding Tisha B’av customs. Dayan Levi Raskin delivered a full shiur delving into the answer.

By Anash.org reporter

In a newly revealed ma’anah from the Rebbe to mazkir Rabbi Leibel Groner, the Rebbe explains two instructions he gave regarding Tisha B’av customs.

Tisha B’av 5745 fell out on Shabbos, and accordingly, the fast day, with all associated customs, was observed on Sunday, the 10th of Av. On the morning of the fast, the Rebbe instructed the chazzan to say birchas kohanim during chazaras hashatz, despite the widespread custom that the chazzan does not recite it on Tisha B’av.

Another noteworthy incident occurred at the conclusion of the fast, when havdala was made, as in such a kvius it is unable to be recited on Motzei Shabbos, the start of the fast. During havdala, the Rebbe instructed that the cup of wine be given to a child to drink, despite the fact that it was already motzei Tisha B’av nidche!

Following the two incidents, the Rebbe’s mazkir Rabbi Leibel Groner, who was one of the compiliers of Sefer Haminhagim Chabad and an authority on Chabad customs, wrote a note to the Rebbe. In it he asked if the two incidents reflected Chabad custom, or they were a horoas sha’a – a one time instruction.

The Rebbe responded with sources explaining the two incidents, and wrote that the two were indeed a horoas sha’a.

The fascinating ma’anah was first published ahead of Tisha B’av this year, and immediately generated many discussions among chassidim and Torah scholars, who explored the ma’anah in depth.

Among them was Dayan Levi Raskin of London, who began researching the sources and discussions referenced by the Rebbe to properly understand the full depth of the response. After concluding his research, he presented a shiur on the ma’anah, delving into every word and explaining the insight contained in each word.

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  1. The Rebbe didn’t explicitly give instructions that the chazan should say birchas kohanim in shacharis, rather the Rebbe turned towards the chazan like his custom was to do when the chazan reached the end of birchas hodaah, and the chazan realized it and therefore said birchas kohanim. The chazan was Reb Binyomin Klein a”h who had yortzeit after his mother on the tenth of Av (which in a year like this one is the fast day nidcheh). Later on the Rebbe told him also that it was a horaas sha’ah.

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