Pirsum Rishon: A Rare, Very Strong Answer From the Rebbe 

A rare and unique ma’ana of the Rebbe in response to a shlucha writing about difficulties on her shlichus, was recently published.

Lahak Hanochos—which was marking 40 years from its establishment on Yud Alef Nissan 5741—has published a rare and unique maane of the Rebbe in the addendum to their weekly farbrengen booklet (where newly discovered letters are publicized, before being printed in the set of Igros Kodesh which is 33 volumes to date).

The answer was in response to a letter in which a shlucha wrote to the Rebbe about the many difficulties of her Shlichus, about the opposition of the locals and of various organizations, and other issues that were weighing on her heart. She concluded her letter with a desperate cry: “We await the answer of the Rebbe; we cannot continue this way!

The Rebbe, with his endless Ahavas Yisrael response patiently and encouragingly and with his holy handwriting on the margins of her letter:

“The spirit of her letter is very surprising, because many Shluchim were in similar situations, and the situations passed. You were also previously in a similar state (or perhaps worse) and you passed through it and succeeded (perhaps—more than you expected).

And specifically on Chol Hamoed Pesach, the time of our freedom, you write all of the above?! The month of redemption, in a year of Hakhel?! And after you are finally successful in purchasing your home?!

“On a practical level, consult with the hanhalah in… I will mention you at the tziyun for all of the above, and for good news.”

This Maane is presented, for the first time, in honor of Yud Alef Nissan—120 years since the Rebbe’s birth.

To download the entire booklet in a readable fashion: https://www.lahak.org/templates/lahak/article_cdo/aid/5488393/jewish/page.htm

To download the entire booklets in a print fashion:


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