Pirkei Avos Campaign for Kids Launched

An exciting program has kicked off, encouraging boys and girls to study Pirkei Avos. Learn, get quizzed and win prizes!

By Anash.org reporter

As schools around the globe are currently adapting to the present reality and planning online classes, “Pirkei Avos Mivtzah” has been launched to give boys and girls an opportunity to learn Pirkei Avos, completely on their own, as part of an exciting program.

This mivtzah comes on the heels of a remarkably successful global hilchos Pesach Mivtzah which took place during the three weeks before Pesach. It culminated in a live gameshow in which 50 finalists competed to test their knowledge, following weeks of intensive study.

“The mivtzah was beyond what we expected” says Rabbi Yoel Vogel, who arranged the program. “Each week 150 boys and girls studied and took the test.”

This new mivtzah will include studying each week’s Pirkei Avos from the ‘Tzivos Hashem Pirkei Avos,’ coupled with daily Kahoot quizzes, weekly tests and raffles with exciting prizes.

Visit www.PirkeiAvosMivtzah.com for more details.

The mivtzah is also being offered to teachers who would like to teach the Pirkei Avos and benefit from the prepared program. 

Teachers and principals can contact the organizers at [email protected].

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