Learning Program Dedicated to Author’s Recovery

After schools closed their doors last week, a program was launched to enable children to learn Hilchos Pesach from ‘Shevach Hamoadim’ on their own, partake in fun tests and receive prizes. With the author now in need of our tefillos, the program was dedicated in his merit.

A week and a half ago, the moment schools announced their closing, dedicated teachers immediately began planning how to adapt to this new reality of online teaching.

Mivtzah Shevach Hamoadim was therefore launched to give boys and girls the opportunity to learn Hilchos Pesach from the popular sefer Shevach Hamoadim completely on their own.

With the help of the English Shevach Hamoadim (with permission from the author) and daily Kahoot! quizzes, over 100 boys and girls took the first test this past Friday.

The first winner, Moishe Goldshmid from 8th grade Oholei Torah won a mountain speed bike!

“I’m amazed to see how many boys and girls are participating in this Mivtzah, learning the הלכות of פסח even without the school structure,” says Rabbi Yoel Vogel, founder of the Mivtzah.

The Mivtzah is now dedicated in honor of the author of Shevach Hamoadim, Rabbi Shmuel Hurwitz (ר’ שמואל הלוי בן חוה) who is in need of our תפילות.

Details of the Mivtzah: www.HilchosPesachMivtzah.info

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