Piece of the Rebbe’s Holy Farbrengen Tablecloth Could Be Yours

Rabbi Menny Wolff, father of Hanover shliach Rabbi Benny Wolff, is sharing a unique treasure for partners of the “Build Benny’s Building” campaign to renovate the new Chabad center in Hannover.

At the International Banquet of the Kinus Hashluchim, an announcement was made that a new building was purchased for Chabad of Hannover. The new building was to be dedicated “Bais Binyamin” after the beloved and unforgettable shliach Rabbi Benny Wolff, A”H.

A campaign was launched on Monday to help his wife and Shlucha Mrs. Sterni Wolff renovate the building and enable her to move her family and all the Chabad activities into the building as the permanent home for Chabad of Hannover.

Rabbi Menny Wolff, head of Kehos in Israel, father of Benny A”H and famous activist in Chabad, is once again offering one of his treasures to present a unique opportunity: Donate $2,150 towards the renovation campaign, and receive a leather-bound Tehillim embedded with a piece of the tablecloth used at the Rebbe’s farbrengen table during 5728-5729 (1968-1969).

The story of this tablecloth: Benny’s grandfather Rabbi Ephroim Wolff A”H, renowned Chabad Chossid and the Rebbe’s representative in Israel, would travel to the Rebbe every year for Yud Tes Kislev. In 1968, his wife Pessia joined him for the first time. They stayed in Crown Heights with Rabbi Shimon Goldman, A”H, together with his father-in-law Rabbi Yochanan Gordon A”H, renowned Chossid and gabbai of 770 for decades. The families became very close friends and, one year just before they went home to Israel, Rabbi Gordon presented Rabbi Ephroim and Pessia with a special gift: a tablecloth that had been used at the Rebbe’s farbrengens, and had just been replaced.

This tablecloth was used by the Rebbe for many holy farbrengens during the ‘60s. It has been part of many happy farbrengens, seen many happy dances, and heard the cries from the depths of the Rebbe’s holy heart over the golus hashchina and the golus of the yidden. It has absorbed the Rebbe’s tears for Russian Jewry and the Jewish people, and been soaked in the wine and eternal blessings of the Rebbe’s kos shel brocho.

(A Side Note: The Rebbe once gave a chossid a bottle of mashke in yechidus, telling him that the bottle had been at his farbrengen table, and the words of the farbrengen had been spoken into it. He instructed that the chossid should share it when he returned to Israel, and by doing so those who partook would be part of the farbrengen.)

These unique leather-bound Tehillims, embedded with a piece of the Rebbe’s holy tablecloth, will be given to anyone who becomes a partner in the Bais Binyamin campaign with a gift of $2,150 or more.

There is a very limited supply! The campaign has already reached 60% of its goal, and we look to raise the full sum within the next 36 hours.

To become a partner in the campaign and receive this unique special Tehillim, please visit the website Charidy.com/friendsofhanover and give online, or you can call or Whatsapp one of the following numbers:
Rabbi Eli Wolff – +972-54-3132770
Rabbi Zushe Wolff – +972-52-5526668
Rabbi Dovid Slavin – +972-54-5453770

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