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A spontaneous Kinus Torah was arranged at the Ohel with mashpia R’ Nachman Shapiro at the request of the many bochurim and anash who were there.

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  1. It is puzzling that there is no Kinus Torah at the Ohel, considering the many prominent Rashei Yeshivos and Torah scholars who visit there on Isru Chag
    Hopefully this spontaneous Kinus will cause more of these and tmho a nice lomdishe crowd from five towns can be drawn once it is mesudar and geshmak, needless to underscore the Rebbe’s nachas when a strong Kinus happens and the crowd is diverse talmidei chachomim from all type of Kehilos gathered (shouldn’t be exclusive to boropark or Yarchei Kalah somewhere in the berg…)
    Yasher Koach!

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