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The year has just begun and 753 bochurim have come to spend the year learning, farbrenging, and growing in the Rebbe’s daled amos. Today, some of these students were spotted getting comfortable in their ‘home away from home’.

The 770 Yeshivah now has the largest student-body it has ever seen, and is celebrating this achievement with a campaign that will ensure they can continue to help the bochurim thrive.

Every contribution will ensure that the Yeshiva continues to be a Chassidishe learning-environment and a source of growth for the bochurim attending from around the world.

As did the students preceding them, these bochurim will march out from 770 armed with the kochos to impact the world in unimaginable ways

Join the 770 Yeshiva campaign and win $25,000!

Buy your raffle tickets today.


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