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A yard sign stands on the lawn of Reb Yoel Kahn’s home near 770 Eastern Parkway in support of the campaign to build ‘Bais Reb Yoel’, a Torah center dedicated to continuing his life’s mission of spreading the teachings of Chassidus.

For years, Heichel Menachem has been working to make Chassidus accessible to the Yidden of Boro Park and the whole world. R’ Yoel stood at the helm of their efforts, being the mashpia and leading shiurim for twenty-seven years.

Now, in tribute to R’ Yoel and his accomplishments in spreading the wellsprings of Chassidus, Heichel Menachem is raising the funds to continue the spread further and in greater measure. 

Continue Reb Yoel’s life mission by taking part in the construction of Beis Reb Yoel. Donate at baisrebyoel.com

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