Photographer Chooses Chabad Children For His Newest Collection

Moscow-based photographer Alexi Kunin, whose black and white photography exhibits gained international fame, choose to feature Chabad children heading to cheder in his newest gallery.

Alexei Kunin is a talented photographer residing in Moscow. His black and white photography exhibits are of international fame. This week, he arrived at the Marina Roscha neighborhood in the early morning hours to photograph Jewish children walking to their schools, after snowmobiles had cleaned the territory all night. 

It is still dark outside when the students arrive in the morning, and it is already dark outside when they leave after their lessons. Being that during the winter, the daylight hours are extremely short in Russia. (During the summer, the night is extremely short, with daylight lasting nearly until 11 pm.)

Aside from Moscow’s Central synagogue, the Marina Roscha neighborhood is home to a number of Jewish educational institutions which have been founded by the Chief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar. Some of them include “Cheder Menachem”, “Bnos Menachem”,  the “Intellect Jewish Day School”, and the “Mesivta” for young boys, who later on continue on to the Jewish high schools, colleges, and universtities located throughout the city. 

It is beautiful to watch the many students arriving each morning from near and far, dressed warmly by their dedicated parents to withstand the Russian cold. No harsh weather will stop these innocent “Tinokos shel Beis Rabban” from receiving a pure Jewish education. 

Photography: Alexei Kunin

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