Philadelphia Cheder Hosts “Canvas Of Chinuch” Event

A recent event by Cheder Chabad of Philadelphia titled, “The Canvas Of Chinuch,” brought together parents, staff, and administration in an upscale setting to highlight the school’s vision, goals, and accomplishments.

“WOW! That was amazing” said everyone as they walked out of the “Canvas of Chinuch” event by Cheder Chabad Philadelphia.

The Cheder recently hosted a memorable evening, “The Canvas Of Chinuch,” an opportunity to highlight the school’s vision, goals and accomplishments, by bringing parents, staff, and administration members together in an upscale setting.

The historic Levering Mill Tribute House venue was uplifted and transformed into an elegant and cozy space, with meticulous attention to detail creating an ambiance that lent itself well to meeting new parents, another stated objective for the event. One of the event coordinators expressed it this way, “Our goal was to showcase Cheder in a classy and upscale way, and I believe we achieved just that. It was beautiful to watch fathers on one side of the mechitza and mothers on the other side, chatting and socializing with one another in such a comfortable setting.”

A feature element was an incredible art exhibition, showcasing creative art pieces which were created by the students.

As parents were walking around and looking at the art, they could see a common theme running through each masterpiece.

Cheder has embarked on a School wide journey to instill self awareness skills. Using Chassidus and “Chinuch Al Pi Darkoi” as the guiding light, this initiative is woven through every day class learning, debriefing conversations and the inspiration behind the art show.

“Our goal is for every single child to have the ability to tune in to their own feelings, thoughts, and actions. For each of them to understand their strengths and challenges and know what helps them thrive. To come to the realization and understanding that what makes us unique and special is our contribution to our classroom, families and communities and fulfilling their personal avodah in this world,” shared Rabbi Yaakov Chaiton, director of student support and resources.

Each grade’s art was inspired by the curriculum focusing on self-awareness skills relevant to that specific grade.

The culinary experience was a beautiful display of wine and cheese, making the evening not just a quality experience but a tasty one too. As parents went to fill their glasses up with wine, they were gifted with their very own “Canvas of Chinuch” wine glasses which they were able to take home.

The carefully curated program delivered a powerful and concise message. The principal, Rabbi Mendy Levin, expressing the attention given to each individual student in his remarks that night, shared, “It was truly heartening to witness everyone come together for this special evening. A powerful testament to our amazing and dedicated parent body.”

As one parent put it, “The art was so special, and the way it was displayed and showcased the incredible learning and talent within our Cheder community. It’s inspiring to be a part of this.”

A focal point of the night was a captivating video offering a glimpse into the learning process at Cheder. Showcasing every grade and how each grade skill is imperative to climb to the next grade’s skills and achievements.

In the words of one of the volunteers, “This event was a testament to our commitment to showcasing Cheder in a way that reflects the excellence and unity within our community. The success of ‘The Canvas Of Chinuch’ leaves us excited about the possibility of hosting similar events in the future.”

As the night concluded, it was evident that “The Canvas Of Chinuch” had succeeded in bringing the Cheder community together in an elegant and uplifting manner, leaving participants eagerly looking forward to more occasions that celebrate the unique spirit and excellence of Cheder.

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