Petach Tikvah Commemorates 90 Years

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Anash in Petach Tikvah commemorated 90 years to the day since the Frierdiker Rebbe visited their town.

On Yud Daled Menachem Av, 5689/1929 at 4:00 pm, the Frierdiker Rebbe visited Petach Tikvah, where he was welcomed in the courtyard of the Beit Knesset HaGadol. A large crowd had gathered there, with the city leaders at the head. The Frierdiker Rebbe asked about the chinuch situation there and what was being done to improve it. He requested that an “old-style cheder be established there, and the mayor promised that he would.

The Rebbe then spent twenty minutes in the shul greeting the people, and another twenty minutes touring the settlement. He then went to visit the Lomzha Yeshiva that had recently opened a branch there. He was greeted by Reb Yehoshua Zelig Roch, a Chabad chossid and Rosh Yeshiva there who later returned to Europe, where he was murdered al kiddush Hashem.

A full yeshiva zal awaited the Frierdiker Rebbe there, and the Rebbe greeted them and wished them success in their learning and yiras shomayim. The Rosh Yeshiva, Reb Yehoshua Zelig, addressed the gathering and mentioned the great zechus they have to be visited by the Rebbe. The Frierdiker Rebbe is said to have davened Mincha there as well.

The Yeshiva patron, Mr. Yitzchok Goldenhirsh, approached the Frierdiker Rebbe and asked for a bracha that he be able to repay the loan that he took to pay for the yeshiva building. The Frierdiker Rebbe blessed that he be able to pay for ten more such ventures and that the light of Torah light up his life.

Rabbi Chaim Hillel Raskin, rov of anash in Petach Tikvah told that the excitement among the attendees was palpable in the air. “They felt that they were part of history, standing in exactly the same spot,” he said.

The group joined together and learned a ma’amar and sang nigunim. “We felt that this was the possible way to commemorate the occasion,” Rabbi Raskin added.

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