Pesach Preparations For 770 Bochurim Underway

This year 450 Bochurim will be spending Pesach in 770, as per the Rebbe’s instructions, away from their homes, families and comforts. This year, you can Adopt A Bochur and provide for his Pesach needs. 

770’s Pesach Seder was instituted by the Rebbe and something that the Rebbe cared deeply about throughout the years. The Rebbe maintained that Bochurim learning in the 770 Yeshiva should remain in the Daled Amos of 770 for an entire year, including the full cycle of Yomim Tovim.

Every single year, upon the conclusion of Maariv, the Rebbe would pass by the 770 Seder to make sure that everything was running smoothly before returning home to conduct his own personal Seder.

This year, there are 450 Bochurim that will remain in yeshiva over Pesach and will be celebrating the Sedarim there.

For many, it is the first time they are spending the Seder Nights away from their families, their homes and their comforts, and the Hanhala is committed to doing whatever it can to provide everything that the Bochurim need to celebrate Yomtov in a joyful, comfortable manner. 

You can help show the Bochurim that even though they are far from their families, they are not alone!

You now have the unique opportunity to Adopt A Bochur and help provide him with his Pesach needs.

You can win 1,000 times your contribution, literally!*

Take Part Today!

Watch the video below to learn more about the campaign:

*Up to $100,000

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