Pesach Learning Rewarded With Trip to Lubavitch

Dozens of yeshiva students from Moscow were rewarded with a fascinating trip to the town of Lubavitch as a reward for their diligent study over the Pesach “Bein Hazmanin.”

Anyone who walked into the central Marina Roscha shul in Moscow during this past month of Nisan was greeted by a phenomenal sight; dozens of yeshiva students, Tmimim, sitting and learning Torah from the early morning hours until night.

According to schedule, there was chassidus, davening, breakfast, Gemara, Halacha, and more. A heartwarming sight, especially for the parents, who saw their sons making sure to wake up early every day, and completely immersed in Torah learning all day, and then also helping with the many pesach preparations. 

On Isru Chag, a special “Kinus Torah” was arranged by the organizer of the Yeshivas BeinHazmanin as per the Rebbe’s request to make Torah gatherings on the days following Yomim Tovim. Many community members joined for hours of spiritual pleasure.

Torah discourses were given by: Chief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar, Dayan Rabbi Yisroel Birnbaum, secretary of Russia’s Chief Rabbinate Rabbi Zalman Shimon HaKohen Deren, Director of Moscow’s Jewish communities Rabbi Mordechai Weisberg, and representative of the avraichim Rabbi Boruch Goldenberg. Each of the speakers raised a fascinating sugya in Hilchos Pesach and kept the crowd enthralled.  

At the conclusion of the kinus there was a raffle amongst all the participants of the Yeshivas Bein Hazmanin on a dollar from the Rebbe. The dollar was presented to the winner by the yeshiva’s organizer and initiator Rabbi Shaul Deitch, who used the opportunity to announce to the boys about their special trip which would take place the following day.

In reward for their diligent learning, the boys traveled together to the village of Lubavitch for a special program which included learning Chassidus, Shacharis, a seder nigunim, davening at the Ohel of the Rabbeim and Rebbetzins, and a special farbrengen with the “Tzadik from Leningrad” Rabbi Yitzchak Kogan.

Photos: Levi Nazarov / S. Ashkenazi

VIDEO: The trip to Lubavitch

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