Pesach Guide Doesn’t Pass Over 120th Yud Alef Nissan

To help shluchim who have been ramping up mivtzah matzah in honor of the 120th Yud Alef Nissan, JLI released an all-new Pesach handbook, making sure to dedicate a page to Yud Alef Nissan as well.

With Pesach fast approaching, Shluchim around the world have been ramping up their shmurah matzah deliveries in honor of the Rebbe’s 120th birthday.

To strengthen this global effort, JLI recently released an all-new Pesach Handbook, packed with insightful resources and transformational lessons, designed to enrich and inspire anyone’s Pesach experience. 

The Pesach Handbook provides shluchim with the ultimate companion to their shmurah matzah deliveries, giving valuable context and meaning to what Pesach is all about. It also proudly features a beautiful page about the Rebbe’s 120th birthday. 

“The Shluchim are loving it! We have already processed orders from over 100 shluchim in the first 24 hours alone,” says Rabbi Chaim Zippel of JLI. As communities return to in-person public Sedarim, this handbook has excited many Shluchim as something to offer their eager participants looking for that explanatory touch. 

Whether a Shliach wants to enhance his individual matzah packages or infuse meaning and structure into a community seder, these booklets are the perfect resource. As always, they are customizable for each Mosad, including a personalized letter from the shliach, their logo, upcoming events, and local Pesach zmanim. 

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