Peru Shlucha Vows to Continue Her Husband’s Work

At the levaya of Rabbi Shneur Zalman Blumenfeld, Head Shliach to Peru, his wife Sarah and their children announced that the shlichus will continue and the family will be remaining in Peru.

At the height of the Kinus Hashluchim last weekend, the family of Shluchim and Anash worldwide were shocked to learn of the unexpected, sudden and tragic passing of Rabbi Shneur Zalman Blumenfeld, Head Shliach to Peru for the past 34 years, at the young age of 58 years.

At the funeral which took place Monday in the capital city of Lima, Peru, Rabbi Blumenfeld’s wife Sarah and children announced that the Shlichus will continue with renewed vigor and strength.

In fact, this was the main consideration of burying the late Shliach there, to show the community that the family is there to stay and that the Shlichus will continue.

Thankfully, but ironically, in his death, Rabbi Blumenfeld z”l, finally accomplished his life long struggle of establishing an Orthodox section in the local Jewish cemetery, in which he was the first to be buried.

Rabbi Blumenfeld z”l is survived by his wife Shterna Sara and children, Haya Raskin – Orlando, FL, Mendy Blumenfeld – Israel, Reiza Blumenfeld – Crown Heights/Peru, Rivka Pevzner – Crown Heights, Yehudit Carlebach – Peru, Moshe Blumenfeld – 770/Peru, Yerachmiel Blumenfeld – Israel/Peru.

Friends of the family have established a Charidy fund to raise $1M to help them continue their Shlichus.

Please do your part to help them.

Rabbi Blumenfeld z”l unfortunately had a pre-existing condition that disqualified him from obtaining life insurance.

It is our duty, as Chassidim Ein Mishpocho, to help them. We must become their family now!

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