Personal Request from Chief Librarian of the Rebbe’s Library

Rabbi Sholom Ber Levine, Chief Librarian of the Central Chabad Library, published an open letter asking to support the Crown Heights school headed by his son and daughter-in-law.

Letter from Rabbi Sholom Ber Levine:

My dear friends שיחיו

שלום וברכה!

9 years ago, my daughter-in-law and son opened a small school for girls, with a special devotion and chassidic guidance for each girl.

In the first year, it was one class on the ground floor of my sister’s house.

Then they were on the ground floor of my house for a while.

Then the number of girls multiplied, and they rented an apartment, approved for school, on Albany Avenue, where 2 classes existed.

The number of students multiplied again, and they rented two apartments for a school with 3 classes.

When the two apartments were full, without any possibility of accepting more girls and opening more classes, they rented a more spacious place on Midwood Street, where 4 classes studied.

Two years ago they rented a spacious building, built especially for a school, on E. 92nd Street, and now 7 classes study there.

In order for the teachers to be able to dedicate themselves to each girl individually and give her chassidic guidance, each class in this school includes an average of ten girls.

During all these years, seeing the tireless dedication of my daughter-in-law and my son, to the running of this school, I always helped them in every way I could, including encouraging Anash to participate in the financial support of the school.

These days, the school is organizing a special campaign, in the manner of “Lichatchila Ariber”, to allow the successful continuation of the school.

Allow me to appeal to my friends, please participate in this fundraiser with a generous hand, to give them the opportunity to educate Anash girls with a special devotion and chassidic guidance for each girl individually.

Thank you in advance,
Shalom Dovber Levine

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