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Don’t be left behind! Join the thousands of donors, men, women and children, that have already signed up to the Rebbe’s Daily Giving Fund – Keren Hashana 5783.

At the farbrengen of Shabbos Bereishis 5714, the Rebbe launched an innovative way to ensure that the mitzvah of Tzedaka is not missed any day of the year.

Suggesting donations based on the days of the new year, the Rebbe encouraged giving not only on behalf of one’s self but amounts for each member of their household.

The donations were deposited in an account titled “Machne Israel – Special Account” and monies were distributed to charitable causes twice daily (before Shachris and Mincha), serving as a daily merit to all who contributed to this fund. This practice continues, uninterrupted, to this day.

Challenging the participants, the Rebbe stated that “those who wish to trust me, may contribute to this fund.”

Highlighting the particular merit of participating in this fund, the Rebbe said, “this contribution will be a channel through which to bring down and enjoy G-d’s blessings …. every day throughout the year.”

Now entering its 70th year, the Board of Machne Israel has embarked on an educational campaign, publishing the original Sicha in Hebrew and English, with the hope that it would stimulate greater awareness and appreciation for this unique minhag for Chabad, and beyond, established by the Rebbe.

To download the Sicha click here.

To join in this special fund, please visit:

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