Participants Describe JLI Retreat As “A Piece of Heaven on Earth”

For six days Jews from all walks of life experienced a piece of heaven on earth at the JLI National Retreat, laughing crying, singing and dancing. They left deeply inspired and moved by what they had seen and learned.

After attending the JLI’s fifteenth annual National Jewish Retreat, the minds, hearts, and souls of 600 individuals have been deeply inspired and forever changed.

For six days, from August 10th to the 15th, Jews from all walks of life experienced a piece of heaven on earth at the Atlanta Evergreen Marriott Resort. Located in the heart of the beautiful Stone Mountain Park in Georgia, attendees enjoyed an outstandingly rich program filled with brilliant speakers presenting lectures and classes, discussions of all kinds, authors launching new books, hands-on workshops, incredible entertainment, and top-of-the-line gourmet Kosher cuisine.

“We learned and we prayed. We laughed, we cried, we sang and danced…” said Leonard and Sara from Los Angeles. “After a year and a half of tremendous difficulty – very trying times for all of us and tragic for many – we were finally home. This was an unbelievable experience which brought new meaning to friends and family. Everyone became fast friends and friends became family.”

Families with children delighted in the professional and very well-run Camp Gan Izzy which boasted amazing state-of-the-art activities throughout the day.

Also in attendance were a young and spirited group of university students who had committed to, and completed the Sinai Scholars Society intense study program, and who reveled in the superb programming created specifically for them.

“I am so grateful to the Rohr Jewish Learning Institute for having the courage to make this retreat happen,” shared a family from Chicago. “This was not just about ‘getting away’. This was life saving for us. JLI did whatever they needed to do to ensure that we would have a safe experience on both a body and soul level and the way in which they pulled this off is nothing short of miraculous. Thank you. Thank you.”

As the eclectic group of guests prepared to travel home with a special JLI gift in hand – a beautifully appointed envelope holding shaliach mitzvah money for each participant –  the parting words on many lips rang clearly, “Next year in Jerusalem!”

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