Parshas Zachor Readings in Crown Heights

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Looking to hear Parshas Zachor at a time and location that works for you? presents a list of Parshas Zachor readings in Crown Heights. Check back for updates.

To add your zachor reading, please email [email protected].

770 Eastern Parkway
The first leining will begin at 8:00 AM, Parshas Zachor will be read at 8:20AM.

The second leining will begin at 8:30 AM, Parshas Zachor will be read at 9:00AM.

Empire Shtiebel
There will be a Minyan for Kerias HaTorah in Empire Shtiebel on Shabbos morning at 9:00 am
Parshas Zochor will be read at 9:20 am.
all are welcome.
If any men are available to help with the Minyan it will be appreciated.

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