Parsha Pop-Up Curriculum Launches for Camps

Mushky Yiftach, the creative force behind OnARollCrafts, has launched her highly successful Parsha Pop-Up curriculum with a design focused for day camps and overnight camps.

Mushky Yiftach, the creative force behind OnARollCrafts, has launched her highly successful Parsha Pop-Up curriculum with a design focused for day camps and overnight camps.

Known as the “Duct Tape Lady”, Mushky is a craft enthusiast and imagineer. With 15 years of classroom experience, she recognizes that crafts build confidence, teach problem solving skills and encourage out-of-the box-thinking. Combining her love for children, education and creativity, she runs events at camps, schools, parties, and venues of all sorts, creating a warm, enriching and fun environment where children feel safe to explore and grow their creativity.

This innovative Parsha Pop-Up program combines interactive crafts, insightful Divrei Torah, meaningful messages, instructional videos and engaging Parsha review questions to enrich the camp experience and foster a deeper connection to the weekly parshiyos.

Accompanying each craft is a Dvar Torah, a concise and meaningful Torah insight connected to the Parsha. Mushky Yiftach’s Divrei Torah are carefully crafted to be age-appropriate, ensuring that campers grasp the underlying lessons and messages contained within the weekly Torah portions.

This turnkey curriculum is a perfect activity for busy camp directors to put into the schedule. However, this curriculum is not only for large camps, it is as effective for online style camps and even for parents who wish to enrich their children with wholesome and captivating material over the summer. 

The Parsha Pop-Up Curriculum has been wildly successful as a tool for teaching parsha in school and the adaptation for camps is sure to inspire day and overnight campers alike. 

Acclaim from parents, teachers and principals have indicated that Parsha Pop-Up has quickly become the highlight of the week in their schools, houses and classrooms. This is what parents, teachers and principals are saying about Parsha Pop-Up. 

“We consider ourselves very blessed to be a part of this amazing curriculum. Finally! A way to teach Parsha that is not only fun and interactive, but a weekly project that has become the highlight of our week in 2nd Grade and the envy of the school”

– Rabbi Rosenfeld, Teacher of 2nd Grade- Esforme Hebrew Academy, Ormond Beach, Florida

Parsha Pop-Up was the highlight of my daughter’s Shabbos! She would be thrilled to show our family and guests at the Shabbos table her creative work and then read the connecting message from the Parsha out-loud, initiating conversation about the Parsha.

-Chanie Tenenbaum, Parent – Baltimore, MD

As a principal it was so great to see our students so engaged and so proud of their Parsha done in such a creative format. We are so excited to have it built into our curriculum.

– N Friedman, Principal of Yeshiva Schools of Pittsburgh.

Parsha Pop Up was the highlight of the entire week! This program is amazing! It is very well done and all the Parsha crafts include a video explaning step by step so it is clearly understood! 

-Sima Susskind, Teacher – Cheder Chabad Morristown 

This opportunity is now available to campers as well!

 For more information or to order the summer Parsha Pop-Up curriculum, visit

You can check out more awesome projects on her YouTube channel, OnARollCrafts or follow her on instagram @onarollcrafts. To book a craft event, contact Mushky at [email protected]

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