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The Meraglim’s Mistake

In an effort to discourage the Jews from entering Eretz Yisroel, the meraglim claimed that “The nation is stronger than Him,” implying that even Hashem would be unable to overcome the Canaanim. How could the spies have entertained such a thought after seeing Hashem’s open miracles? 

Listen to summery of a sicha on the topic delivered by Rabbi Yehuda Leib Schapiro, rosh yeshiva and rov of Anash of Miami.


Why did Moshe Daven only for Yehoshua? (New)

When Moshe sent the meraglim, he davened that Yehoshua not do the wrong thing. Why didn’t he daven for the rest of the meraglim too?

Listen to a short discussion on the topic, delivered by Rabbi Mendel Krasnjanski, rosh yeshiva of Yeshivas Levi Yitzchok in Melbourne, Australia.

Independent Decisions

This week’s parsha begins with the words Shelach lecha, “Send for yourself.” As Rashi explains, the word lecha indicates that Hashem wasn’t commanding Moshe to send spies, leaving it up to Moshe’s discretion, even though He didn’t want it. How could Moshe send spies when it was clear that Hashem wasn’t pleased with the yidden’s request?

Listen to a summary of a sicha of the Rebbe on this topic, delivered in Yiddish by Reb Yoel Kahn

For a video and to read an English transcript of this shiur, click here.

[credit:  MerkazAnash]

Is there a Mitzvah to look at the Tzitzis?

This week’s parsha discusses the mitzva of tzitzis. We all know about the mitzva to wear tzitzis, but there is also a less known mitzva to look at them. In addition, many seforim mention segulos connected to looking at the tzitzis.

Listen to a short shiur on the topic delivered by Rabbi Yaakov Goldstein of

Click here for a written summary of this, including sources


Why Yehoshua was special

Moshe changed Yehoshua’s name to protect him against the evil plot of the meraglim. Why didn’t he do the same for all of the meraglim in order to save them?

In this short audio clip, Chicago shliach Rabbi Boruch Epstein shares a lesson we can learn from this.


Mitzva of Challah

Renowned lecturer Rabbi Yossi Paltiel discusses the mitzva of challah, which is mentioned in this week’s parsha, in depth.

[credit: InsideChassidus]

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