Paris Kinus Hashluchim Concludes With Grand Banquet

Photos: Mordechai Lubecki

After a week of connection networking and inspiration, the shluchim to Paris and nearby areas were treated to a beautiful banquet to end their 24th kinus. The evening was led by head shliach, Rabbi Mendy Azimov.

A beautiful banquet was held to mark the end of the 24th kinus of shluchim in Paris and its surrounding regions.

Rabbi Binyamin Margoi introduced the evening by speaking about the importance of participating and hosting such gatherings as the kinus and the achdus it brings to all of the shluchim. Rabbi Aryeh Engelberg, Rabbi of Orléans shared snippets of moving moments from his daily life and other personal anecdotes from his shlichus.

The guest of honor, Rabbi Michoel Danov from Leeds, England, emphasized the great merit of taking on the mission that the Rebbe passed on to us and emphasized the influence of the shluchim. Finnally, Rabbi Mendel Azimov, Director of Institutions at the Beis Lubavitch Synagogue, pointed out the importance of writing to the Rebbe on a regular basis while accounting for his activities and the need to intensify the performance of the 10 mivtzoim the Rebbe instituted

Photos: Mordechai Lubecki

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