Panel Discusses the Struggles and Successes of Shlichus

In connection with the auspicious day of Chof Ches Nissan, a unique style shlichus panel was arranged where shluchim on the front lines shared valuable experiences in their shlichus

By: Rabbi Eliyahu Ezagui

It’s quite difficult to do all we can for a mission that we know little about. For this reason, the Idea of a shlichus panel was arranged to help prepare oneself for the impactful day of Chof Ches Nissan.

The panel explored topics from ranging from what motivated them to go on shlichus to dealing with financial troubles. It also covered topics such as, “how do you see the Rebbe’s brachos in your life and fascinating stories the shluchim had to share from their makom hashlichus.

The panel was followed by a special Q&A session covering various topics and ideas in relation to Moshiach and geula, both on a practical level with oneself and with interactions with others.

The panel was attended by more than 70 anash and bochurim, many of which were not present physically when the Rebbe said the famous Sicha on Chof Ches Nissan and urged everyone to, “do whatever you can to bring Moshiach closer.” Nevertheless, the Sicha remains more powerful than ever, inspiring generations after it was said to bring Moshiach.

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