PA Senator John Fetterman Lights Menorah in Pittsburgh

Hundreds of Jews gathered at the annual Chanukah Festival hosted by Rabbi Yitzi Goldwasser of Chabad of Greenfield, Pennsylvania where U.S. senator John Fetterman lit the menorah’s shamesh on night number four.

On the fourth night of Chanukah, Jews from all over gathered in Greenfield, PA for the annual Chanukah Festival hosted by Rabbi Yitzi Goldwasser, of Chabad of Greenfield, which is a division of Chabad of Western PA, directed by Rabbi Yisroel Rosenfeld.

Attending the grand Menorah lighting was the honorable Pennsylvania Senator, John Fetterman. Also in attendance was the City of Pittsburgh Mayor, Ed Gainey. Senator Fetterman was honored with lighting the shamesh for the menorah lighting. Speaking about the great honor, Rabbi Goldwasser shared:

“I’m sure everyone across the United States has noticed Senator Fetterman’s unwavering support for the Jewish community and Israel, particularly since Oct. 7,” said Goldwasser. “Clearly, he sees what’s right and what’s wrong, and he’s standing up for what is right.”

In the aftermath of the attacks on Simchas Torah, many Yidden all over America have been seeking to connect with their communities and their Jewish roots, and a big crowd came for the menorah lighting.

“His choosing to be here uplifts people and speaks volumes about his support.” Said Rabbi Goldwasser regarding the Senator’s appearance and show of support.

The lighting was followed by activities for the children and lots of delicious Chanukah donuts and latkes for all.

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