Oz Vehadar’s New Shulchan Aruch Offered for Special Hey Teves Price

The renowned ‘Friedman Shulchan Aruch’ printed by Machon Yerushalayim was printed in a new edition by Oz Vehadar, and is being offered for an unbeatable price for Hey Teves.

The new Shulchan Aruch published by Oz Vehadar is a complete set with all the commentaries including the Pri Megodim.

This Shulchan Aruch is based on the famous black set of Machon Yerushalayim (the logo of Machon Yerushalayim appears on top of each Sefer). For tens of years, Machon Yerushalayim with a whole team of Talmidei Chachamim researched and fixed the entire Shulchan Aruch comparing it to old rare prints and original manuscripts from Meforshim.

On top of that Oz Vehadar came and worked for another seven years (!) In further researching and correcting the entire Shulchan Aruch with the commentaries, to be able to print the most accurate Shulchan Aruch ever.

This is a beautiful set with a reader-friendly צורת הדף designed specifically with the help of specialists to help memorize the Limud.

The set has 16 volumes.

You have the opportunity to get the most accurate Shulchan Aruch ever published for a once-in-a-lifetime price of:

$650 (taxes included!)


Free Delivery in Crown Heights

Sale dates: 4-6 Teves

Message us to get your set today!

Click here for a sample of the new Shulchan Aruch.

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