Oxygen Is To Life What Generosity Is To Hatzalah

A human being cannot breathe without oxygen. Tragically, many of us experienced this hard fact over the past year. Help Hatzalah of Crown Heights receive the oxygen it needs to continue its vital life-saving work.

We are not fundraisers. We are lifesavers.

We do not ask people for help. We ask people if they need help. We do not solicit people to support our lives. We offer life-support for anyone in need.

So why are we fundraising? Why are we asking? Why are we seeking your support?


A human being cannot breathe without oxygen. Tragically, too many of us experienced this cold, hard fact over the past year. Without oxygen, we cannot breathe. Without breath, we cannot live.

For an organization of volunteers that never have and never will ask for anything in return, our oxygen is our generous souls—YOU!—who breathe life into our volunteers, ambulances, machines, medications, supplies, and training.

In addition to the everyday realities, this year our oxygen is the brick you sponsor to help us purchase the building that will house the future of Crown Heights Hatzalah and help us help you on a whole new level.

With a centralized home base, Hatzalah will be able to get to you faster than ever before. 

The 10,000 sq. foot center will boast a comprehensive command center and centralized dispatch and call abilities, as well as a large medical supply room and oxygen chamber. These will improve efficiency and professionalism. A customized in-house training facility, adequate administrative offices, and a boardroom mean Hatzalah personnel can devote more time and focus to meeting the community’s unique needs and remaining at the cutting edge of service and care. 

Over the next 6 days, in short, concise articles, we will share a glimpse into the life-saving, eye-opening, heartwarming oxygen your generosity breathes into Hatzalah.

Thank you for giving what you can and breathing life into Hatzalah so that we can help our community, our loved ones, our family breathe a little easier!

Click here to join us today. We always answer your call, now we need you to answer ours.

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