Oxford Shliach Publishes Medieval Ashkenaz Haggadah

A manuscript of the oldest Ashkenazi Haggadah has been published for the first time in a format perfect for your Seder table by shliach to Oxford, UK, Rabbi Eli Brackman, and is available in Crown Heights stores.

Hitting Crown Heights bookstores for the first time, Rabbi Eli Brackman, shliach in Oxford, UK, has published the manuscript of the oldest Ashkenazi Haggadah prepared in a format perfect for your Seder table.

Discover the development of the Haggadah with this 12th-century manuscript printed alongside the standard Chabad Haggadah. Complete with English translation and insightful commentary on variations and influences in the Haggadah text, this Haggadah is made to be used at your seder table.

The Haggadah manuscript presented is an excerpt from one of the oldest manuscripts of a Siddur Kol Hashanah, a complete 12th-century Ashkenazi siddur for the entire year held at CC College Oxford.  As the oldest existing Siddur Kol Hashana that includes a Haggadah, the text has great influence on the standard nusach, and the Haggadah as sold comes with an introduction detailing this remarkable siddur’s history and background.

You can buy The Passover Haggadah: The world’s oldest Ashkenazi Haggadah at Hamafitz and Judaica World in Crown Heights, Eichler’s in Flatbush, and in London, UK at Jerusalem the Golden and Aisenthal’s.

Rabbi Eli Brackman, campus shliach at Oxford University, regularly publishes articles on Hebrew manuscripts and the history of English Jewry. Visit www.oxfordchabad.org to see Rabbi Brackman’s writings, as well as a remarkable collection of recorded lectures by world-class academics and lecturers on a wider variety of Jewish topics.

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