Over 500 Hearts Warmed at Napierville Lag Ba’omer Bonfire

Over 500 Montreal residents joined a Lag Baomer celebration at the Napierville Yeshiva, just outside Montreal, with many staying to dance around the fire late into the night.

In the true spirit of Lag Ba’omer, the children of Napierville celebrated outdoors playing with bows and arrows, jumping on inflatable games, horseback riding, and visiting the petting zoo. The community gathered together and marched in their own proud parade.

The Bochurim of the Napierville Yeshiva were at the forefront of the preparations and did Mivtzoim with the yidden there, putting on tefillin with those who joined the day’s activities.

At the end of the evening there was a grand BBQ farbrengen with inspiring words, fireworks, and of course a huge bonfire with live music.

This event was co-organized by Yeshiva Or Menachem of Napierville and Center 770 of VSL.

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