Over 35 Schools Join Connection Point for 5781

Tens of Chabad primary schools and high schools have pledged to deepen their students’ connection to the Rebbe by signing up for JEM’s Connection Point Affiliate Program.

Numerous Chabad schools have been accepted into JEM’s Connection Point Affiliate Program for year 5781. The schools have proven to share a vision with Connection Point. Partnering in its vision, the schools will begin/continue to deepen their students’ connection with the Rebbe.

Connection Point, a JEM initiative in collaboration with Tzivos Hashem, encourages children to watch and listen to the Rebbe, and provides the tools necessary for them to understand him directly. Last year, Connection Point was tremendously successful, with over 3000 students enrolled. 

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Building on last year’s success, Connection Point is introducing many new initiatives and Pilot Programs (such as the CP junior for the younger grades, the Delving Deeper materials, and more). Feeling this success, many schools have partnered with us and have become Affiliate Members.

Connection Point was started with a vision that over four years, from fifth through eighth grade, students will experience 16 full rallies of the Rebbe. That way, students will gain an appreciation, understanding, and love for watching videos of the Rebbe. On the day they graduate, they will have the tools necessary to understand a sicha of the Rebbe on their own.

Connection Point Affiliates are schools that share this vision.

Connection Point 5781 is made possible by Yossi & Nechama Dina Katz and Family.

To learn more, or to bring Connection Point to your school, contact [email protected]

We are proud to announce the schools that are taking part in the Connection Point Program 5781:

Chabad Hebrew Academy San Diego, CA
Chabad of Irvine Chassidushe Supplement Program Irvine, CA
Chabad Youth St Kilda E, AU
Cheder at the Ohel Queens, NY
Cheder Chabad Boynton Beach, FL
Cheder Chabad New Haven, CT
Cheder Chabad of Philadelphia Bryn Mawr, PA
Cheder Lubavitch Skokie, IL
Cheder Menachem Los Angeles Los Angeles, CA
Darchai Menachem Brooklyn, NY
Lubavitch Cheder Day School Saint Paul, MN
Lubavitcher Yeshiva Brooklyn, NY
Lubavitcher Yeshiva Ocean Parkway – Brooklyn, NY
Nigri International Shluchim Online School International
Oholei Torah Grades 5-7 Brooklyn, NY
Oholei Torah 8th Grade Brooklyn, NY
Oholie Menachem Postville, IA
Ohr Menachem Brooklyn, NY
OYY Lubavitch School Salford, UK
Sacramento Jewish Acadamy Granite Bay, CA
YTTL Montreal Montreal, QC

Bais Rebbe Los Angeles, CA
Bnos Menachem Brooklyn, NY
Chabad Hebrew Academy San Diego, CA
Cheder Chabad – Lakeworth, FL
Cheder Chabad New Haven, CT
Cheder Chabad of Philadelphia Bryn Mawr, PA
Cheder Lubavitch Hebrew Day School Chicago, IL
Lubavitch Cheder Day School Saint Paul, MN
Shluchim Online School Brooklyn, NY

High Schools
Beis Chana Miami, FL
Bnos Menachem Brooklyn, NY
Chabad Youth St Kilda E, AU
Lamplighters Jewish Academy Oxnard, CA
Ohel Chana Los Angeles, CA
Rohr Bais Chaya Academy Tamarac, FL

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