Over 10,000 Kids Connect to the Rebbe Through Entertaining Audio

Derher for Kids, a toichendik and entertaining kids podcast, has grown exponentially over the past few months and is changing our children’s lives in a remarkable way.

“I’ve been unable to get my son excited about any extracurricular Chassidishkeit. Call it Covid-Zoom trauma, or whatever you want, but he won’t do any online stuff. Stories however, he’ll listen to. Derher for Kids has been a huge part of his chinuch!” 

Launched by the Derher team in Tishrei 5782, Derher for kids is revolutionizing the way our children relate to the Rebbe, the Rebbe’s inyonim and chassidishe life.

Since inception, its episodes have garnered more than 120,000 plays! It has been played in 40+ countries, and is in Spotify’s top 5% most shared global podcasts. With close to 50 high-quality, immersive audio productions – and new ones being uploaded bi-weekly-, Derher for Kids is changing the landscape of our childrens chinuch. 

Derher for Kids is a project of A Chassidishe Derher and is made available to all, FREE OF CHARGE. 

Derher turns to families, friends and supporters to fund the growing library of exciting and engaging episodes. 

Included in producing each episode are the expenses for quality researchers, creative writers, editors, the captivating voices which keeps the kids glued to the story line, and all of the production costs.

Derher is running their campaign today. Please support generously and join the effort in Bringing More Kids To the Rebbe.


The most recent Derher for Kids explosion happened on Yud Shevat. In addition to giving the children a chance to experience the incredible farbrengen in which the Rebbe formally accepted the Nesius, and learn about our generation’s special mission to bring Moshiach, the Derher for Kids team created a complete resource website for kids and teachers, built around the new episode.

Most notably, the website featured a Kahoot game on the topic of Yud Shevat 5711. Children loved the immersive experience and many teachers brought the game to their classrooms as a fun way to make Yud Shevat relatable, and understandable, to their students.

Over 300 classrooms and families played the game worldwide! 

Another illustration of the incredible power of Derher for Kids is the impact an episode like “The Write Way to Connect”, about the significance and importance of writing to the Rebbe, is having on kids. Parents wrote heartfelt letters, and sent pictures, thanking Derher for the sudden enthusiasm their kids were displaying towards writing to the Rebbe.

Derher for Kids gives you everything you ever wanted to share with your children about the Rebbe and chassidishe inyonim in a manner that gets them to come asking for it!

Parents are exuberant about what Derher for Kids is doing for their children. Are you a parent? Click here to give your kids access to the Derher for Kids audio library, free of charge!

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Derher for Kids has a full line of episodes waiting to be funded. Would you like to give YOUR kids a gift? A gift that gives YOU great Chassidishe Nachas? 

Your support will produce for your kids and for the thousands who will listen and gain as well.

Derher is running their campaign today. Please support generously and join the effort in Bringing More Kids To the Rebbe. 


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