Outdoor Adventure Rewards Bochurim Who Davened Well

Yeshivas Chayolei Beis Dovid rewarded bochurim who completed a mivtza to come on time and concentrate on davening with an exciting ATVing trip.

The bochurim of Yeshivas Chayolei Beis Dovid recently completed a davening mivtza, which challenged them to consistently come on time and fully concentrate during davening.

The mivtza was a great success, as many bochurim were able to improve their focus and Kavana during davening.

As a reward for their hard work, the Yeshiva organized an ATVing trip for those who completed the mivtza. The bochurim were thrilled to spend a day outdoors, enjoying the fresh air and riding ATVs.

Yeshivas Chayolei Beis Dovid is unique in that it places a strong emphasis on rewarding good behavior such as this davening mivtza.

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