‘Out of BOWnds’ Combines Purim, Hakhel and Moshiach

Out of BOWnds, a Kids Purim Hakhel event, moderated by Rabbi Mendel Lerman, and featuring Comedy Ventriloquist Chuck Field and Ziggy, is now available for all to view.

Out of BOWnds, a Kids Purim Hakhel event created by the Moshiach Office at Merkos 302, is available for viewing. A Purim Celebration and wrap-up of the Tut Altz Kids Curriculum- Learn With Geulah Now!- Segment #9- Who’s In Charge Here, the event aims to teach kids how to experience Purim in a Moshiach-like way. When faced with a challenge, we have a choice of following Haman—do things exactly according to the rules of society or to act in a way of Mordechai—letting Hashem dictate the norms.

Moderated by Rabbi Mendel Lerman, the event is filled with lessons and entertainment – featuring Comedy Ventriloquist Chuck Field and Ziggy. Escape the locked room, complete tasks, play Hamantash and get out of Haman’s bounds. Bring more meaning to Purim and live everyday Moshiachdik.

“Our class has benefited greatly from the Tut Altz Hakhel rally events. It’s a program that celebrates Hakhel and excites the talmidim about Moshiach, while being engaging and entertaining,” says Rabbi Dovid Kastel, 2nd Grade Teacher in Darchei Menachem.

Out of BOWnds: Hakhel Event for Kids can be viewed by schools and families at TutAltz.com/kidsevents or here. You do not need to be a registered member to access this event or be in the raffle.

Send pictures of your kids watching the event to [email protected] or +1 (347) 343-4514, to enter the exciting raffle to win personalized Tut Altz prizes.

Message the Moshiach Office for any questions, comments or sponsorship opportunities.

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