“Our Time is Precious!”

As thousands of chassidim gathered to celebrate the Rebbe’s eightieth birthday and all that the Rebbe had accomplished, the Rebbe himself shared no satisfaction and focused on the value of time.

“I don’t want to say that our time is short, rather that our time is precious” – with these words the Rebbe opened the Simchas Torah farbrengen of 5712 (1951).

11 Nissan 5742 (1982). Thousands of chassidim and admirers gathered around the world to celebrate the Rebbe’s eightieth birthday and to appreciate how much the Rebbe has accomplished. But the Rebbe himself shared no such satisfaction. At the Rebbe’s farbrengen, the focus was on the value of time:

“People worry for their monetary losses, but care not for their precious time,” the Rebbe said with a note of urgency. “Money comes and goes, but time never returns!

“Every moment that a person is granted carries a unique purpose, a mission from Hashem. If time passes without it being utilized, that moment in time is lost forever!”

(Toras Menachem 5715; 5742)

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