Our Kallahs – Ten Yad’s Top Priority

A behind the scenes look at what a Kallah can expect when she turns to Ten Yad for assistance to help offset the tremendous costs associated with making a wedding. 

As the Kallah busily runs about preparing herself for her wedding and setting up her future home, it’s natural for her to feel a tinge of nervousness that accompanies any significant life event. 

But sometimes, the nerves outweigh the happiness.

There are many Kallahs, far too many, who find themselves faced with the financial burden of making a wedding and setting up a home. Some are orphans, some do not have any family support, and some come from families who are experiencing financial hardship.

Ten Yad was created to ease that burden in whichever way possible.

The Dress: Kallahs are invited to visit our magnificent bridal boutique and browse through the dozens of dresses that line the racks. Many of the dresses are designer, all of them are up to date and breathtaking. Kallahs can also choose from a variety of bridal accessories, veils and shoes to complete the look. The showroom is constantly being upgraded and updated to ensure that our Kallahs have access to trendy, elegant and fresh gowns. 

The Home: Every Kallah who comes to the Ten Yad showroom leaves with linen, blankets, pillows, towels, tablecloths and other housewares. The Kallah is invited to choose whichever design of the many offered suits her fancy. 

The Sheitel: After her wedding, the sheitel that the bride will wear to cover her hair becomes a part of her identity. It is so important for her to find one that she loves and feels comfortable in. At Ten Yad we encourage Kallahs to find the Sheitel Macher of their choice, and then Ten Yad contributes to the cost. 

The Gemach: This year, Ten Yad opened a gemach, Keren Shneur, that provides loans for families who are making weddings to help assist with the tremendous costs associated with making a wedding. 

The Service: Everything that Ten Yad provides for its Kallahs is done in a gracious, dignified, and discreet manner. 

The overwhelming, positive feedback that Ten Yad has received from the thousands of Kallahs that they have serviced throughout the years is a testimony to the incredible work that they carry out each and every day to ensure that every Kallah can get married with a full, happy heart. 

The list of Ten Yad’s accomplishments is impressive.

But they want to help more Kallahs in more ways than they already are. 

With your help, they can continue to answer the call of every Kallah who is relying on Ten Yad to help them prepare for their wedding with complete joy and dignity.

Partner with Ten Yad by joining in their annual auction. 

Click here to purchase your tickets. 

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