Original Ve’ata Tetzaveh to be Raffled at Special Seder

A special Seder will take place Sunday night in 770 for all Anash and Bochurim to study the maamer ve’ata tetzaveh, given out by the Rebbe 30 years ago. An original Kuntres Purim Katan will be raffled off among participants.

A special learning Seder for all Anash and bochurim will take place Sunday night in the main zal of 770 Eastern Parkway.

Participants will learn Kuntres Purim Katan – maamer ve’ata tetzaveh, the last maamar distributed by the Rebbe.

Sunday night, 12 Adar I, at 9:30 PM. All bochurim and Anash are invited.

An original Kuntres Purim Katan, distributed by the Rebbe will be raffled off among participants.

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