Orange County Citizens Gather in Support of Eretz Yisroel

The residents of Orange County, California gathered to put on tefillin and say a tefilla for the safety of the Yidden in Eretz Yisroel.

In the city of Irvine in Orange County, California, many dozens of Jews and Israelis who live there gathered on Monday to show support and identification with the people of Israel following the war that is taking place in Israel.

At the time of President Biden’s speech, who gave an emotional speech in support of Israel, there was a rally of solidarity with the people of Israel on the street of the city, with the participation of many residents of the district who sang Jewish songs, and wrapped tefillin at the tefillin stand that was set up by the Chabad shliach for the Israelis in the district, Rabbi Rafi Dadon, and expressed the support for Israel and the soldiers.

After the rally, a special prayer was held at the Israeli Chabad House led by Rabbi Dadon, for the recovery of the many wounded and the speedy release of the abductees, and in memory of the members of the military forces and civilians who were murdered by the cursed terrorists in the massacre that took place on Simchat Torah day.

The participants recited chapters of Tehillim for the success of the IDF and intelligence services who sacrifice their lives in these days and hours in front of the murderous enemy, and for the victory of the war.

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